Monday, February 18, 2008

I know, I know - where have we been??

Hi everyone, Again it has been a very long time since I have posted, but boy the time really seems to be flying right on by me!!!

We are getting very excited because we have a little over a month until Mike gets home - no definite date yet - much of that depend on airflow in and out of countries...We should know a few days before he actually gets here!!

Fiona and I had our first out of town visitors, Chris and Tai Graham. Boy, did we have a great time!! Scrapbook shopping, trips to Target (Tai's FAVORITE store), Park days, and best of all a trip to Disneyland!! It was so nice to have them here with us, the time of course went way to fast, and if Spike (their cat) wasn't home waiting for them, who knows, they may still be here!! We are hoping to come and see them in San Antonio sometime soon after her husband gets back from Iraq so the guys can hang out too!!

So Disneyland was a big hit!! I have never been and it just amazes me how these Disney Parks can make you believe in Magic all over again. I think Chris and I had as much or even more fun than the kids!! Fiona was a trooper, and didn't miss her nap, not even a wink - slept through the entire Pinnochio ride. Then Tai crashed not long after her, he is too big to carry around so we had to improvise - a bench in the Bavarian Village cafeteria became his impromptu bed - the kids slept for almost an hour I think. enough time for Chris and I to eat dinner and chat. It was hilarious though - what kids do you know sleep at Disney!!! LOL!! A full day of fun though, topped off by the parade at night.

so after all that fun it has been back to the regular same old stuff, laundry, grocery shopping (now called grocery gaming - long story), and poopy diapers.

Fiona is still working on crawling. She can now get up on all fours and rocks and still goes backwards. And is rolling and scooting around anyway she can to get to anything that catches her eye: the coffee table, the last piece of cereal on the floor, the cat's toy mouse, that piece of blue fuzz?? She even is starting to pull herself up on things, I caught her the other day all out kneeling at one of her activity tables!! she also has this rocking horse (a little to big for her) that she absolutely adores. and she wiggles her way near enough and then pulls it to her so she can chew on the stirrup.

Still the happiest (and cutest) baby on the planet. Sleeps great (now I just jinxed myself). and is eating pretty much all kinds of baby food. Loves to feed herself - her hair, ears, eyes, laps - pretty much everything except her mouth.

She is really laughing now, and talks all the time - always Dada, and daddy. Melts my heart and I can't wait for Mike to hear it!!

Well, I am off to get a quick slide show together of all the pics and maybe a video or two up...