Monday, September 29, 2008

Tea and Tutus

Well, today was a super special day. We had a Tea and Tutus party with our friends, Summer, Natalie and Isabell. All the girls wore their Tutus, fairy wings and tiaras. OMG is was the cutest thing you ever saw!! They all had a blast - although Fiona was a bit cranky. They loved Fiona's new playroom and their favorite toy I think was Summer's baby brother. They all wanted to push the swing, touch him and just love on him.

I can see us having more of these in the future!! Here are some pics from the party:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fruit picking at Yingst Ranch

Another post for today: Fiona and her friend Summer went fruit picking today at a local ranch - yes, apparently in the desert they are not orchards, LOL!! We picked apples and peaches. And are planning on making some yummy pies and cakes with them.

It was warm, but fun except for the burrs!! OUCH!! but we made the best of it and had a blast with the girls, and little Logan, too. Fiona as usuall with her little independent self was picking her own fruit and running off to go exploring. Dirt was a favorite discovery!! You'll see in some of the pictures her dirt smeared face. That girl is a little nut, but we love her and wouldn't have her any other way!!

Playdate with Natalie and Isabell

I know, woo hoo, look at me posting two days in a row. I am trying to get better about this :)

Here are a few cute shots of Natalie, Isabell and Fiona swinging at Patty's house yesterday morning. Fiona loves those girls!! and the swings too :)

Fiona is used to the baby swings, so she is a little nervous on the big girl swing, but she does love it, I swear, LOL!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pauly and Kaitlyn

I know enough posts for today, but I am getting a little caught up while Fiona is playing :)
Zeida just sent me some pictures of Paul and Kaitlyn - Can you believe how big they are!!!!?????!!!! So super cute too!!!


Oh, and here is what I look like

I know, I know, you never see me in front of the camera - only because I am the resident photgrapher and there is no one else to take my picture. But today I decided to play around with the self timer. I got a fairly nice pic of me, and an funny one of Fiona changing her mind as the picture was snapping of being in a picture with me. Enjoy!!

Oh and these were my favorite two photos of Fiona from the shoot:

Good Pictures happen next to the trashcan

well, I was doing a little fashion photo shoot with Fiona today and while we were getting ready I snapped a few cute photos of her in the kitchen cuz she was just being super cute. Well, this is what happens to Moms, who are just completely focused on how cute their kiddo is...they neglect to see the background. so here are a few pics of Fiona in front of our trash can!! LOL!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fiona's First Trip to the Beach

Headed to Ventura today to take in the sights and take Fiona to the beach for the first time. We had an absolute blast - thanks to Valerie for her tips, it made the trip a ton of fun!!!


Our beautiful little girl

Caught this photo of Fiona the other day playing in her playroom

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

video pics to come soon

This video is of her singing - I don't know the words, but she sings to us all the time which is awesome!!! We love it!!

Below is Fiona walking her baby doll at our park - we don't know where she is going, but apparently Fiona does...:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

How did it get to be Septemeber?

Hi everyone,

I really don't know where the time goes these days, but it goes and it goes fast. We are all doing great. Fiona is such a little pistol. We have no idea what she says but she "talks" all day long, and is quite convincing when we ask her questions and she gives us her answers. She LOVES to sing and dance these days. I think I have a video clip, if I can find it I will post it. She shakes her head yes and no and knows the sign for more so if we ask the right question we get answer which is pretty cool!!

Mike is finishing his last paper for this term for his Masters in Psychology. Its a doozy, but he is almost finished. He has a break for about 2 weeks then back to school and a TDY for some training in Baltimore for a month. He's bummed to leave, but one month is nothing compared to this time last year...

Me, I am very busy with the MOMS club. Being the Pres this time is very time consuming, but I do love it. Its so much fun cuz we get to do things with the community and I have made so many great friends in this group, and I love to share it with everyone. Been scrapbooking a ton, started a little club here and we get together every other week or so. Its so much fun to do it with a bunch of other girls!! I have also been redecorating our playroom/guest room should be done very soon and it is turning out VERY cute if I say so myself. On to the downstairs next, I thought I would practice upstairs before I got to the downstairs decorating.

We are looking forward to fall this year, trick or treating, our Harvest Party, Thanksgiving, etc. It is so nice because Mike will be able to do it all with us this time!! We also will be taking Fiona down for a beach day, and maybe a few more Park Days before it gets too cold.

I am off to get some cleaning done while Fiona is napping - well maybe, I might try and find the video clip and some pictures (they are limited and in poor quality cuz my camera was broken for a little while). Talk to you all soon!!