Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Settling into July

Hi all,

Well Meghan's wedding was such a blast!! Meghan was gorgeous, the wedding was perfect and what can beat hanging out with family at a great party!! It was a hectic weekend and now I am itching to go back and do some touristy stuff - Meg, I hear you and Anthony have some extra room in that new place of yours - I am officially inviting myself down for a visit, LOL!!

Fiona was a trooper through it all, unfortunately she was sick and had to miss some of the festivities, but let me tell you - Mike was an allstar that weekend. He took such great care of our sick little girl and kept her occupied while Mommy was doing her wedding things.

Been trying to keep cool here, so lots of playing in the yard with the cool sprinkler ball, wading pool, and the awesome water table my friend scored for me for free while we were in SD.

Lets see what else is going on. Well Mike is going through RCIA for the 3rd time - lets hope he doesn't deploy again and have to start all over for a fourth time. He is also back at grad school working on his masters in Clinical Psychology. Oh, and of course he is still working - very busy guy these days. Me not too much going on. Still have my hair clips at And Fiona is full time job in herself, but seriously the best job I have ever had. I was also elected the President of our MOMS Club this year so that is also keeping me busy. I have also started a little club of ladies who like to scrapbook so that is way fun for me!! We get together about 3-4 times a month and I am loving it!!

Fiona is running these days, and is a tough little cookie - rarely cries when she takes a tumble. She loves books - She grabs a book (the fav right now is the Foot Book by Dr. Suess) climbs in your lap and "reads" it to you - seriously she talks and flips pages and points and laughs at the pictures it is a total hoot. the girl never stops moving though, Mike and I just laugh cuz she does laps through the kitchen and living room all day. but she is the happiest baby in the world - always has a smile for you. And a wave when you leave, even when I lay her down in her crib she waves bye bye to me.

Other than all that, not much else is going on. Here are some pics of us the last couple weeks.