Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas...

As we prepare to enter our favorite time of year here at the Hylands, I think of of the many things that make the season as joyful as it is for us. Number one on my list is togetherness. Our little family has spent nearly half the year away from each other with Mike's training this year. And in 2007 he wasn't here for the Holiday's because he was serving in Iraq. So as the tree is put up and decorated, I think about how blessed we are to have all of here this year. I often think of our family and friends, most of whom live very far from us, and how I wish we could all be together as well. I know, though, that we are all close in our hearts and minds even if we are not close in proximity.

Now that we have Fiona, Mike and I are enjoying creating our own traditions for the Holiday season. Its a mix of old and new and it makes the season pure MAGIC when we see the excitement in Fiona's eyes as she really is beginning to understand the season and who this Santa guy is. Her eyes sparkle as much as the ornaments on our tree - specially picked each year for all of us. I love telling her the story of each ornament, and visiting Christmases past as we hang each one. I love the smell of my Christmas Wish Yankee Candle as we decorate the house - like my Mom, I feel that it embodies the true scent of Christmas and no other Candle comes close! Christmas music - especially the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack - plays in the background and puts us all in the mood and energizes us for the busy weeks ahead.

Most of all it is a time where our family reconnects together. While we do enjoy the many seasonal parties and get togethers, we savor family time together in front of our tree, sipping hot chocolate. Throughout the month we remember all the events and happenings of the previous year, count our blessings, and thank God for them all. We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season!!

Here a some pictures of us getting ready this weekend!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silly Fiona

Here a video of Fiona being Fiona..just a cute silly little girl!