Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daddy is my Hero

Forgot that I took these pics of Fiona!! She loves kicking her feet straight in the air these days....

A visit with the cousins

On Saturday, Fiona and I did the 2 hour drive to Lake Elsinore to meet her newest cousin, Kaitlyn. We had a blast!! Zeida's family is soo nice and there were 5 kiddos there under the age of 2 - it was crazy fun!!

Kaitlyn is just beautiful and such a sweet good baby. Paully is just like his Daddy, never sits still. The kids all had so much fun together!! Between naps and feedings we weren't really able to get them all together at once, but we got lots of pics - watch the slide show below!! Enjoy!! (There are captions, just roll your mouse over the pictures to see them.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Seeing double

No you are not seeing double, it is Nancy and Fiona in matching outfits.

I had picked up the pants, for myself, a week or so before I went shopping with Angela and when we were at the baby Gap, we cracked up when we found the exact same pantsin Fiona's size. Now, I realize I may have gone to far, but I thought this was too fun to pass up with us having matching outfits.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Littlest Eagles Fan

Ok, last set of pics - poor Fiona, I was camera happy today :)

Pop-pop went a little crazy at the Eagles fan club store and sent Fiona some cute Eagles stuff!! The dino is for kids 3 and up...leave it to a grandpa to think his grandchildren are that advanced :)

Some fun everyday video clips of Fiona

Riley and Fiona were having a blast!!

And here is another of her just playing - sorta - I think she is tired of me and the camera today :)

Descanso Gardens Continued

Ok, here are the last few pics from Descanso Gardens:

Nancy, Fiona, Wendy and Summer

Descanso Gardens

Hi everyone,
Frist off, just got a quick email from Mike that he made it in country safe and sound. Still working on some permanent coms...I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Fiona and I, with Wendy and Summer from the Mom's Club, went to Descanso Gardens, a botanical garden outside of Pasadena. It was gorgeous and a beautiful day. Got some great pics.

Fiona and Mommy

Fiona in the Rose Garden

Well I have a few more pics that are really cute, I will try and get them on in another post - think I hit the max here....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Latest news

Mike emailed again and he should be off to Iraq tomorrow a seat came open already. That's good news so that he can get started.

Nothing else really going on with Fiona and me. Just enjoying our fall weather. It is supposed to heat up again later this week, so we will have fall and summer in the same week :)

Oh, and I meant to post a Congratulations to all the new babies in the family that were born. My niece Kaitlyn Victoria and my cousin Tim and his wife Mary welcomed little Katherine (Katie) Eagan to the world in the last couple weeks. We are anxiously waiting to hear from cousin Colleen - will it be the year of girls??? First Fiona, then Kaitlyn, then Katie, then ????

There are finally the most up to date pictures in the slide show, I am trying to figure out how to reverse the order so the newest ones are first and the older ones are last so you don't have to watch the whole thing to see the newest pics... bear with me, I am still learning.

I am glad that we are getting such good feedback from everyone that this is much easier - that was the plan and it seems to be working....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update on Mike

Mike just emailed me that he made as far as Kuwait and is a little stuck until he can get a ride to the base in Iraq. He may be there for up to a week or so. But he sounds in good spirits. He is going to try and email me again before he heads out with more details if he has them.

Otherwise, Fiona and I are doing great. Been cold here lately feels a bit like winter but it should be warming up this week. But I realized that I had no winter clothes :) Since I was pregnant last winter and we were in Hawaii for three years before that. So Fiona and I did a little shopping to beef up our winter wardrobes.

Zeida, Paully, and Kaitlyn are here in CA and we are going to try and get together and get all the kids together. I promise to take lots of pictures this time. It is going to be so cute with all three of them together.

Well, Fiona is napping so I better grab a shower and get some housework done!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fiona "Talking"

This video you don't have to cran your neck to the side :)

Fiona in Action

Here is a little clip of Fiona. My camera does 1 minute clips so it is nice for some quick viewing for those of you who want to see her in action. It is not the best of quality, and the clicking noises are the camera, but hey better than nothing right??


Welcome to the Hyland Family Blog

Hi everyone,

Since Mike has left and I wanted a place to post videos, the Yahoo! website wasn't able to handle the videos so I thought I would jump into the world of blogging. Plus I know many people were having a hard time navigating the Yahoo! website or even joining.

Mike as we speak should be on his way to Iraq, now is the waiting game until he gets there and gets set up and figures out what his coms will be. (For all you non-military folks that means email, phone, etc.) This could take a couple weeks, but I will let you all know as soon as I hear from him. The last time I spoke to him, he was ready to go and start counting down til he could come home again. He was also looking forward to this assignment because it is different from what he normally does.

Fiona and I have been doing really great. We joined the local MOMS Club and it really has been a blessing. We have met some really great Moms and kids and it gets us out of the house a few times a week. Plus it is great because they know all the places to go and things to do, which is really helpful to me since we're new here and don't know what is available...

We went on a crazy shopping trip with Angela and had a blast!! Fiona just loves her - Angela was the one who could get her to stop crying, Mom was old hat.

That is pretty much it for us. I am going to post some video and also get some pictures up too. Feel free to leave us some comments!!