Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quicky post

Ok, I am seriously behind in posting!! I have a post I was working on but was having some issues with the photos... Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to get some new stuff up.

But some quick updates.

Mike is home!!!! he is loving it. and so are Fiona and I. We are just enjoying each other. Fiona is still as ever a Daddy's girl. I think it is because he feeds her cookies any time she gets upset. Mike has been giving me Daddy Daughter Days so that I get a little break now and then - its the best and the two of them have such a great time!!

Fiona turned 1 on the 13th. We had a big blowout party on the 10th - it was craziness but a ton of fun. She took her first step on the 9th. And is now walking across rooms. But she still finds crawling more efficient yet. It is so amazing and Mike was here for it - a real blessing!!

Other than the gas prices at 4.15 here, not much else going on here. Hoping to get working on little house projects - gardening and painting - sometime soon.

Hope everyone is doing well!! I promise to have pics up soon!!!

love ya!