Friday, March 27, 2009

A funny thing happened...

when we got home from our MOMS club New Member Tea. Fiona has not really napped all week, and she has been super pleasant and agreeable, so I didn't mind. But today on the way home from the tea, she fell asleep in the car, and well, I was enjoying the peace, so I thought I would take a little drive and let her snooze. We drove for about 45 min or so, and of course as soon as I pull into the driveway she woke up.

so we head into the house, change the diaper, come downstairs, and I stop at the computer to check email and I look over 30 seconds later and this is what I find:



What is so funny, is that she NEVER does this. She just climbed up on the couch and went back to bed. She slept for about another hour woke up climbed on my lap as I watched Greys and Private Practice on the DVR (God, what did we do before it??!!??) and slept an hour more!! all in all about 3 hours of sleep - guess that made up for all the naps she missed this week.

Our sweet funny little girl!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pictures as Promised

Hi there,

Here are a few pics from the last week.

The traditional wearing o' the green:


Check out the tongue again!! its always out these days!!

This was after a little too much Green milk:

We also did a shamrock hunt here are some pics from that:





Fiona now is an accessory junky. this is how she dresses for Breakfast these days - usually there is a hat as well:


And she is way too smart for her own good. Caught her the other day doing this:



Thursday, March 19, 2009

quicky update

Hi everyone,

We are all still here and doing well. Just busy as usuall. As some of you may know, I am working to save our Youth Library. Our city is looking to cut some programs, one of which is our Youth Library, in order to save the budget. My MOMs club and I are working hard to let our City Council know this is something that should not be considered. So 2 TV appearances, 2 weekends at the local Walmart getting petition signatures and countless phone calls and city meetings here I am just getting a time to quickly say hi!!

Mike is so close to finally completing his RCIA program at church. The weekend before last he got his blessing from the Cardinal at the cathedral in Downtown LA. It was a wonderful ceremony, and I am really proud of him getting this far. Its been a lot of hard work and a lot of time invested, but its all been well worth it.

I have some pictures (of course) of our Little Fashionista Fiona. The sunglasses never leave her now. Either they are on top of her head or on her eyes. Its so funny!!

I promise to get back on here soon with the pictures. Love ya all!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Moments of Affection

Standing at the computer in the kitchen waiting for lunch to finish cooking (chicken nuggets, buttered noodles and apples - apples are not cooking :)), I feel a little pair of hands turning my legs towards her "Ma Ma?" I look down at a little face with whisps of blonde hair hanging in her gorgeous green eyes. I pick her up. She looks at me and pats my head and says, " Uh - huh Ma Ma, jibber jabber jab..." and gives me a hug and then she is down and off to play.

I am so blessed my day is filled with these random moments of affection.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A VERY Happy Birthday indeed

Thank you to everyone who called or emailed or Facebooked me a Happy Birthday!!

I did have a wonderful Birthday. Very peaceful and creative. Mike gave me a day to do what ever I wanted. I decided to stay home and scrapbook (actually I made cards all day for an upcoming card swap). Mike watched Fiona for me for the whole day, made me a cup of my favorite tea and breakfast, attempted to let me sleep in (Fiona had other plans though), and was just the sweetest. Fiona gave me birhtday kisses and was a really good girl for Daddy.

We all went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I know I am sad that that is where I choose to go, but I love the salad and I kept seeing the commercial for those raviolis that looked (and tasted) soooo good!! But we went early to try and head off Fiona Crankiness and it was a good, although trying, time. We learned some valuable lessons for the big office family dinner out tomorrow night with Mike's boss's boss. Bring kid sized forks, Fiona is not fully ready for a straw cup, lots of snacks and little activities, and come in separate cars (interpreted Mom needs her getaway car if all else fails). We obviously don't get out much anymore.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes, I am off to a good start this year!!