Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to look like Christmas...

Well, it really is beginning to look like Christmas here at our house. Most of the decorations are put up in the house. And we got our tree today - a beautiful 7-8ft Noble fir. Appropriately purchased at Nancy's Ranch, we had to go there just cuz it had my name:) It was a blast to do - this is our first Christmas as a family this year so we are going all out. Mike and Fiona had a blast playing in the hay and strolling through all the Christmas Trees.

On the way home we briefly began discussing what we would do to decorate the house outside - this is the first time we lived in a home where we could go all out - and boy do we plan to. And as we pull down the street what do we see in our Neighbor's yard but a huge inflatable carousel that actually turns. Oh yeah, its on!! Our neighborhood does have a "friendly" decorating contest and we are determined to win!!! Stay tuned for pics of our cool house!!! Who knows one day we may just end up on TV for one of those crazy houses that the lights are synchronized with the Christmas music.

For now I leave you with some pics of us from today's Christmas tree adventure:

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well its a little late, again - notice this has been becoming a new trend for me...late for everything. Although, in my scatterbrainedness, I thought that today was the 29th and not the 28th and called Colin to wish him a very happy birthday, and the happy accident was that I was a day early this time!! WOO HOO! Anywho, Thanksgiving was really nice. It was wonderful that Mike was here this year. We had one of his coworker's family here with their 3 little guys - it was really a lot of fun. All the kids had a blast. Fiona had a bit of a tumble and now has a black eye - you can sorta see them in the pics... poor little girl :(

And here is a funny video of Fiona before everyone got here for dinner - hilarious!!!

Only Fiona knows what she is yelling, but this has become a new routine lately in the house and it cracks Mike and I up totally - why the running in circles with the yelling?? Who knows!!!

Dinner was perfect - everything came out cooked and not raw, edible and tasty and relatively at the same time!! Our Menu for the day was:


Veggies and dip
Artichoke dip
and Cheese tray and crackers


Turkey and gravy
Mashed potatos
Sweet potatos
green bean casserole
Cranberry relish
Salad with craisins and sunflower seeds and orange and honey dressing
and rolls


Lemon Merangue pie
Chocolate silk pie

Yummy - I am still so stuffed check out our "Adult Table" and the cute place cards I made yes it was a great Thanksgiving because we are so lucky to have so many things to be thankful for. We did miss Aunt Meg's annual Thanksgiving - seriously its one of the only things that make me homesick. One of these days we'll get back again for that.

Also a little update on the health and well being of Fiona. As mentioned there was a bit of a tumble on Thanksgiving and she has a bit of a black eye, but other than that we did have a Dr. checkup on Tuesday and she is "perfect" - the doctor did say that. she is a little over 25 pounds now and is 33 inches long!!! Tall and sorta skinny - that buddah belly says otherwise. Well off to bed for now. Miss you all!!!

oh, and we started to decorate for Christmas...Here is Fiona in Mommy's Santa Hat

*camera is seriously on the fritz - word is that Santa is working on a replacement - Mommy cannot wait!!*

And then there was the Hot Dog dance - she loves this from Mickey Mouse club house. She stops everything to watch and dance to it. You can see how well she twirls - this usually lasts longer but the camera is apparently more interesting :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Wow, November is flying by. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!!! Amazing how quickly a month goes.

We are having Thanksgiving Dinner here with some friends of our from Mike's work. I a stoked to get to do a Thanksgiving dinner again - I learned all I know from our Thanksgivng dinners at Aunt Meg's house - she throws a rocking dinner!! bummed I can't be there this year but I will be there in spirit.

Getting ready to head out to the outlet mall today - Fiona and her little Buddah belly doesn't fit into any of the 18 month shirts we bought last year so on to 24 months and it looks like she had yet another little growth spurt and 24 month pants are close on the horizon, so I better pick up a bunch of those too. Maybe a nice outfit for Mommy and Daddy too for the holidays. And hopefully a chunk off my Christmas list.

We have had birthday parties galore this month, and below is pic of Fiona and me at one. I'll leave you with that one...

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get on here before then!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, its a little late with the pics, but better late than never!! Fiona was a pro this year, cracked us all up. She LOVED her Little Red Riding Hood costume. When I put the cape on her she just twirled around with the biggest smile on her face and then ran around as if the cape made her run faster. It was hilarious!! And I was so worried that she wouldn't want to wear the cape!!

So on Halloween night we went with our friends Wendy and Chris and their kiddos, Summer and Logan. Summer was Fancy Nancy - a girl after my own heart :) While we were waiting for them to arrive, I got Fiona dressed in her costume. Well, as soon as she was in it, she wanted to go cruise the neighboorhood - screamed and cried until we let her go outside. How in the world did she know that was what we were going to do??? So we walked the neighborhood and I took some pictures - the girl was a riot. Laughing and giggling and waving hi to all the neighbors.

When Summer got here we all went out trick or treating. It was great seeing the neighbors and all the little kids dressed up. Fiona was a pro though - she would run from house to house going straight up to the door and flashing that cute smile of hers. No words needed!! She really didn't even get scared at the scary houses and masks. She just amazes me!! Well here are the pics...Enjoy!!