Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update on Mike

Mike just emailed me that he made as far as Kuwait and is a little stuck until he can get a ride to the base in Iraq. He may be there for up to a week or so. But he sounds in good spirits. He is going to try and email me again before he heads out with more details if he has them.

Otherwise, Fiona and I are doing great. Been cold here lately feels a bit like winter but it should be warming up this week. But I realized that I had no winter clothes :) Since I was pregnant last winter and we were in Hawaii for three years before that. So Fiona and I did a little shopping to beef up our winter wardrobes.

Zeida, Paully, and Kaitlyn are here in CA and we are going to try and get together and get all the kids together. I promise to take lots of pictures this time. It is going to be so cute with all three of them together.

Well, Fiona is napping so I better grab a shower and get some housework done!!