Thursday, January 17, 2008

She is Mobile!!

Hey everyone, Long time I know, but it has been very busy since we got back, and we both got a pretty bad cold we are now getting over. But the big news is that on Tuesday Fiona has become mobile!!! not yet crawling, but she will be soon!! Here is a video of her from Thursday morning...

But she also started clapping Wednesday, too!! Gosh, she is getting so big so quickly!! This is her yesterday at Patty's singing "If you are happy and you know it":

here is shot of her the other day playing:


LuvJones said...

WOW!! Such a cutie and a big girl! Cute she was clapping and singing! LOL! Scooting backwards...lovely! LOL! Hey one day she will hit drive instead of reverse! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

So cute!! Love how she turns her head to see when she is backing up. You're in for it now!! HAHAHAHAA!!!! She'll be crawling by the end of the month!!!

The Fry's said...

Nancy! That is too adorable on Fiona and going backwards. I loved the clapping video too!

I'll check back soon!