Saturday, March 8, 2008

We have a date!!

Yay, we finally have a date when Mike is getting home!! April 1st - and I am not giving you any early April Fools!!

We are so excited, and now I am a bit stressed on finishing the gazillion projects I started that I was going to finish while Mike was gone. LOL!! Actually it isn't too bad. I have a list going of about 16 things that need to get done. So we have 23 more days - I figure if I am a good girl and get done one thing on the list each day I will still have a week to relax (or you know me, start yet another project :) ).

Mike and I are just beside ourselves to see each other and mostly for him to see Fiona. We did finally get a video of Fiona crawling to him for him to see, and he said "I just about fell off my chair!!" I was thinking, good, you better get used to not sitting cuz this girl is everywhere, LOL!!

Fiona is gaining momentum and her favorite targets are the pantry (when I leave the door open), the diswasher (when I leave the door open) and the cat's food (when I forget to put it up on the counter) - do you notice a pattern here?? Yep, lazy me has to remember to shut doors and put the cat food up. Also I am amazed how much little stuff ends up on our floors - Fiona is very kind and picks them up for me and puts them in her mouth for safekeeping (or a mid morning snack). This whole moving thing is rocking my world - it was so nice to set her down with a few toys and when I looked over she was always in the same place. Oh those sweet days!! I knew it would be like this though - thank you Colin for the pre-mommy training. But all in all, each new trick of hers is bittersweet - bitter because she is getting further away from that tiny baby (ok she was a huge baby) that we brought home almost a year ago, but sweet because she is the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing little girl who is doing exactly what she is supposed to do...grow up.

Well, as I am talking she woke up and is probably wanting some lunch...

Talk to you all again soon - I hope!!!