Sunday, September 7, 2008

How did it get to be Septemeber?

Hi everyone,

I really don't know where the time goes these days, but it goes and it goes fast. We are all doing great. Fiona is such a little pistol. We have no idea what she says but she "talks" all day long, and is quite convincing when we ask her questions and she gives us her answers. She LOVES to sing and dance these days. I think I have a video clip, if I can find it I will post it. She shakes her head yes and no and knows the sign for more so if we ask the right question we get answer which is pretty cool!!

Mike is finishing his last paper for this term for his Masters in Psychology. Its a doozy, but he is almost finished. He has a break for about 2 weeks then back to school and a TDY for some training in Baltimore for a month. He's bummed to leave, but one month is nothing compared to this time last year...

Me, I am very busy with the MOMS club. Being the Pres this time is very time consuming, but I do love it. Its so much fun cuz we get to do things with the community and I have made so many great friends in this group, and I love to share it with everyone. Been scrapbooking a ton, started a little club here and we get together every other week or so. Its so much fun to do it with a bunch of other girls!! I have also been redecorating our playroom/guest room should be done very soon and it is turning out VERY cute if I say so myself. On to the downstairs next, I thought I would practice upstairs before I got to the downstairs decorating.

We are looking forward to fall this year, trick or treating, our Harvest Party, Thanksgiving, etc. It is so nice because Mike will be able to do it all with us this time!! We also will be taking Fiona down for a beach day, and maybe a few more Park Days before it gets too cold.

I am off to get some cleaning done while Fiona is napping - well maybe, I might try and find the video clip and some pictures (they are limited and in poor quality cuz my camera was broken for a little while). Talk to you all soon!!



Lia said...

Hi there, my friend! Glad to see you back on the web. Thanks for the update. I do check it out periodically as I want to know what's going on in the "Hyland Happenings". Sounds like you're having a great time. I can see how much Fiona is growing up and loving her daddy (great picture with Mike). Anyhoo....will call you sometime this week.

Trisha said...

I sure wish we were closer! =(