Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Night on the Square

So if you are from Palmdale, you know what I am talking about, but I thought I would talk a little about our Fun Thursday Night ritual and explain for the rest of my loyal readers :) Thursday Night on the Square (TNOTS), is the really, really cool thing our town puts on every summer and for two months, every Thursday on the Town Square, there is live music, story time, puppet shows, a variety of crafts and games for the kids to do. and the best part - its all free!!! Well, maybe the best part is how much we really love to go and how much fun Fiona has. Fiona and I make a picnic dinner each Thursday, bring our picnic blanket and go and meetup with our friends. we pick our spot on the lawn and head over to do the crafts. After a few tantrums and chases while we wait in line (Fiona is still mastering this skill), we head back to our blanket and eat dinner, dance to the music and play with our friends. I love this activity, I picture people doing this 100 years ago - the band in the gazebo, families dotting the lawns on their picnic blankets, just enjoying a nice summer evening. These are the simple pleasures in life that I think often get overlooked. I am so glad Fiona and I really got into going this summer, we have only missed one night! So below I got some cute videos of Fiona and her BFF S dancing and playing. also Wendy (S's Mom) and S's brother L make a guest appearance as well. I am so lucky to have such great friends to pass a summer evening, let alone any day of the week with.