Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Natural History Museum

We had a great day today, got out of town- too smoky and Fiona needed to burn some of that cooped up energy.

Fiona is obsessed with butterflies lately. She uses my pasta strainer as her "net" and catches them around the house. When she catches one she tells me what color they are, and then dumps the net and says "Oh no, where futterfy go???" I then tell her to look in the kitchen, toy box, etc to find one. Its hilarious. So I thought I would look into finding a butterfly garden - and I nearly missed the exhibit at the Natural History Museum in LA. So we went particularly for the butterflies...and what does Fiona fall in love with there (besides the huge polar bear?) the DINOSAURS!! Ask what she did today, "sinsaur, sinsaur!" Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my batteries before I went so I only have a few pics from the day, and none of her with the dinosaurs. something tells me though that we'll be seeing more in the near future.