Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going Greener

Hi all,

Fiona and I are beginning to count the days until we come home for Christmas!! Yay!!

Things here are going very well. Keeping busy - it is amazing how quickly the time goes when you have a baby to take care of.

So I just wanted to share a little something with you all - it is kinda silly but what the heck?? With all the talk on the news about global warming and such, and when I was cleaning out the pantry, I found that I have a gazillion plastic bags. Now I have always been very good about reusing them when going to a friends for a potluck or using them for cleaning out the litter box, but I still have a ton of them. And I do recycle them after I accumulate too many. But it got me to thinking, what a waste!! So yesterday I picked up some reusable grocery bags from my local grocery store. and I felt so good putting in all my groceries, and when I got home I just put the bags back in the car for the next time I go shopping. I know it is just a small thing, but I thought, hey it all starts with one person, and every little bit helps.

So I wanted to encourage you all to do the same. The bags are usually very resonable - about a $1. Make the investment and buy 5. They are quite roomy, I was surprised how much I could fit into my bag. They are also very sturdy and I could put heavier things and more of them in the bags and use less bags overall. That is a definite plus especially with the baby - less trips back and forth to the car to unload. And bring them into every store you go to...not just the grocery store. You may still need more bags, but again every little bit help.

Also, did you know that these plastic shopping bags are petroleum based?? With the price of oil going through the roof, this is one way to bring down our usage as well as help to keep the costs of our goods lower. In theory, if the merchants don't have to pay to provide bags for consumers that is one less cost they have to pass on to us.

So maybe the rest of you do this already - I know my friend, Lia, does because San Francisco has already banned the plastic shopping bag - and I may be a little behind the times, but I thought I would share my experience with you!!


Adrienne said...

Something I learned when we went to Germany to visit family this past spring was that they don't usually provide bags. You bring your own or attempt to carry everything in your arms (or you use the front of your t-shirt like a sling to gather it all, like we did when we visited a little market for lunch stuff...) As much as it might be a pain in the butt, I do agree that it would be a good idea for the U.S. to start doing that, too!

You're right and it's inspired me to go ahead and buy them at the store next time I go. My plastic mountain has been growing steadily no matter how much I try to use them. :o)