Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Ok so we are a day late, but what fun would it be to say Happy Halloween without any video or pictures. Fiona and I had a great Halloween. We went to a friend's house in our neighborhood and went trick or treating with her son Xavier for about and hour. Fiona was not impressed, LOL!! She sat in her stroller and sucked her thumb and it took everything she had to stay awake. Xavier loved to go to the door and ring the doorbell, but never stuck around long enough for them to answer the door. I guess that was our trick!! It was fun for Fiona to experience her first Halloween. At our house though, we only had 4 trick or treaters - technically 2 groups of 2. Big bummer and I have a ton of candy left over!!!

But here is a quick slide show of Fiona in her Halloween costume and of her doing some trick or treating.

And here is a quick video of Fiona and her pal Skelly the talking Skeleton:


Nina said...

ok.. these are tooo cute.. and her bud skelly... well, he is a bit of a bonehead, but I think I like him! LOL... Love em!

lia said...

That Skelly is vey scary. Fiona is so brave....she's not even flinching one bit. But I really enjoyed the video and she's such an adorable little miss ladybug.

LuvJones said...

Too freakin cute! I think Skelly was a little bit jealous of Fiona! LOL! How cute!