Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Addition to our little family

Today was a big day in the Hyland household. We went to see Santa today and Santa had a little surprise waiting for us - Bridgett Hyland.

She is Labrador Retriever Mix, 10 months old and we rescued her from a local shelter here. It was a bit chaotic meeting her and getting all the dog stuff (I just got rid of all the stuff we had from Riley), but she is seriously a perfect fit so far for our family. She is the sweetest natured dog, loves Fiona they were running around and laughing this evening. Novi, our cat, as seen below, is not exactly happy about a new member - but he is tolerating her much better than the other dogs who have come to visit us.

Fiona thinks Bridget's crate is her new playhouse...
Novi not too happy about sharing his Mommy, Daddy and Fiona

We really missed having a dog as a part of our family, and now we feel that the house feels nice and full.


Jennifer Priest said...

OMG the new doggie is so cute!! Congrats and Merry Christmas! Fiona is cute too ;)

Trisha said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift! You all look so nice!