Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Calendar...ooooohhh Lights

First, today we started our First Advent Calendar. We are doing for Daddy and Fiona since Daddy is also doing RCIA and I wanted to him to experience the joy of the Advent Calendar like all good Catholic kids do...

Fiona got a pair of Christmas Socks that light up. She wanted to play with them so bad so I let her. I look over and this is how I found her a few minutes later:

yes, she is wearing the socks like a headband!! LOL!! got to give her points for creativity.

Then there was the "stringing up the lights" portion of the afternoon. I though, hey, I can put the lights on the tree while Fiona watches her 2nd favorite guy, Handy Manny. So I pull out the step ladder climb up and start putting on the lights, only to have Fiona start climbing up the ladder after me. Apparently, since accomplishing our stairs and the ladders to the slides at the park, the step ladder was quite enticing. Now, I must explain one thing about Fiona, she is a sensitive soul and does not like being told no. The girl will take a tumble on her head, get up and rub it and be fine. You say to her, "Honey, this is dangerous, please don't climb up here." The Girl just melts down. - Ask anyone!! so I made the mistake of nicely asking her not to climb on the ladder, while I am at the 3 step, she just sits down on the second step and begins to melt down. Great now I am stuck and can't get down to get her off or to comfort her... Somehow I finagled a toe on the second step and made my way down. Needless to say we waited until Daddy got home and finished up the lights. Check out our beautiful lighted tree:

so then we started decorating the tree. it started out well, Fiona playing in the gold beads - in truest Fancy Fiona fashion, that is until Fiona, and seriously it was like watching it in slow motion, took a glass ball turned towards the kitchen floor and throws it as hard as she can and smashes it into a million peices. Kids and experimentation, Hey I wonder what would happen if I throw this over there?? ok, not so good - ball breaks. Hopefully the mental note to self not to do that again kicks in. Needless to say there are 3 boxes of glass ornaments that are safely in the box in the garage this season. but here are a couple of cute pics:

It was a lot of fun and I will post more tree pics later.