Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little under the weather

I know I have been slacking a bit on our blog. All of us have just been feelign a bit under the weather, not reallly sick but the feeling like its coming on. Fiona, though, did come down with a cold last night. so she has got the runny nose, and I am constantly running after her to wipe it.

Yesterday, Fiona and I baked some of our new yummy favorite cookies - Cranberry Oatmeal White Chocolate cookies. They are soo delish! I made two batches cuz it drives Mike bonkers for me to make cookies he can't eat - the first batch is supposed to be for our Valentine's Day party tomorrow (if we make now with Fiona being sick). What is better than a counter full of cooling cookies!!!!

Fiona really enjoyed helping out, its really fun now that she is at that age where she can be involved more. I think her favorite part was eating the Craisins from the bag!!

Well, that and eating the final product!!