Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slides and the Ice Cream Truck

Well, we are all doing better around here. Fiona is finishing up with her cold, and it was a semi nice day that wasn't raining (its supposed to tomorrow) so Mike and I took her to the park this afternoon. We had a blast!! Fiona got to show off to Daddy all the cool stuff she could do now, and Daddy was quite impressed. Fiona is hilarious though, she just talks and talks and talks while she is playing, and even bosses the other kids on the playground around - even though none of us knows what she says!! She is picking up words like crazy - I swear she learned about 10 new ones this week alone. Her new favorite is "Stuh!" which means "Stuck!" I have to start taking some videos of her - her mannerisms and expressions are just way too funny!!

While we were at the park, the ice cream truck came by - yes we live in southern California, but mind you today's high was only in the mid 60's and it is February and the sight of the ice cream truck at this time of year still cracks me up. So of course, Mike is like, we should buy her an ice-cream. So we did, she took a couple licks and got brain freeze - you have got to see the pictures of her face!!!! It is hysterical!!!

Also she sticks out her tongue now when she does things, again, totally cute!!

Enjoy some park pics and wait for the Brain Freeze pics, you will totally crack up!!!


Trisha said...

To freakin cute! Love it!

Pugs said...

Love the brain freeze pictures!