Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Grinch and snowman pizzas

It felt like a long day today, but really it wasn't long at all. But I am tired so this will be short.

So we started today off with some new hair clips in Fiona's Advent calendar (will have to post a pic of it soon) which she loved - well loved them later that morning, always takes Fiona a few to decide if she likes it or not:)

Then camping out at the computer to make sure I got our Free Day tickets to visit the Huntington Library next month - Amanda and Colin, you guys will love this place when you come to visit!!

Then off to deliver the dinner swap meals for this month since we didn't make it there yesterday. Very fun to see everyone, kinda felt like I was Santa - who doesn't love getting a heat and serve meal to use during this crazy holiday season?!?! We are coming up on a year of doing this - and it all started with a soup swap that was going to be one time. Now I so look forward to it and it really has made my life so much simpler to know that 3 nights a month I don't have to think about dinner.

Then we had dance class which is always a favorite!! got to sing and dance and just have a great time. We switched to a new studio this past fall and I am just amazed at the difference between the two and Fiona has just flourished here, and the instructors are really amazing with the kids. I am looking forward to many years here for her.

So tonight we decided to make snowman pizzas and watch the Grinch (we DVRed it - serioulsy what did we do before DVRs???) A great night to be sure!!

Snowman Pizzas - baby, mommy and daddy snowmen

"The Girls" Curled up on the couch - Mommy Fiona and Bridget


Pugs said...

You are a busy lady. ANd, That is why I love you! The snowman pizzas are a cute idea, can't wait to do them with my boys. You deserve to lay on the couch and have a good movie with the family.