Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday's post on Wednesday

He he, a little late on the Tuesday post, but here goes...

Yesterday was a super busy but really fun day. Got up sent Mike off to work, and off to the gym for me. I love that hour to myself and Fiona loves the oportunity to play with "the kids" as she calls them. Then off to a MOMS club meeting, small group but was nice to catch up.

Then we decided to walk on over to the Playhouse to visit Santa there. I am glad I am so in tuned with my "Mother's intuition." Fiona who is often quite boisterous and social, has her moments where she really takes a long time to warm up to new situations. I had a feeling this may be the case with a visit to Santa. So I thought since the Playhouse has a great Santa and a great set up with very few people there and no rush or need to get a picture it would allow Fiona to get to know Santa without any pressure for a picture. Boy was I glad - she spent most of the time clinging to my legs (not my usual Fiona). By the end she was definitely warming up to him - Candy canes, cookies and Santa reading a story to the kids definitely helped (you won't get that from the mall Santa and all for free). And I think we might be in todays (Wednesday's paper). We'll be back next week to say hi and see if we can get a picture or two (or 200 you guys know how I am...).

Then home for nap and playtime at home. Boy does Fiona get excited for Daddy to come home! Her new thing is she loves everyone to trace her hands and feet so here are a few pics from the night of Mike being the doting Daddy and tracing her feet on her magnaboard.