Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to look like Christmas...

Well, it really is beginning to look like Christmas here at our house. Most of the decorations are put up in the house. And we got our tree today - a beautiful 7-8ft Noble fir. Appropriately purchased at Nancy's Ranch, we had to go there just cuz it had my name:) It was a blast to do - this is our first Christmas as a family this year so we are going all out. Mike and Fiona had a blast playing in the hay and strolling through all the Christmas Trees.

On the way home we briefly began discussing what we would do to decorate the house outside - this is the first time we lived in a home where we could go all out - and boy do we plan to. And as we pull down the street what do we see in our Neighbor's yard but a huge inflatable carousel that actually turns. Oh yeah, its on!! Our neighborhood does have a "friendly" decorating contest and we are determined to win!!! Stay tuned for pics of our cool house!!! Who knows one day we may just end up on TV for one of those crazy houses that the lights are synchronized with the Christmas music.

For now I leave you with some pics of us from today's Christmas tree adventure:


Jennifer Priest said...

Awwww!! SO sweet and cute!! I actually drove right by your town today, on my way to meet someone off the 5/210/14 interchanges. Hope to see you soon and can;t wait to see more pics of Fiona.