Thursday, November 20, 2008


Wow, November is flying by. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!!! Amazing how quickly a month goes.

We are having Thanksgiving Dinner here with some friends of our from Mike's work. I a stoked to get to do a Thanksgiving dinner again - I learned all I know from our Thanksgivng dinners at Aunt Meg's house - she throws a rocking dinner!! bummed I can't be there this year but I will be there in spirit.

Getting ready to head out to the outlet mall today - Fiona and her little Buddah belly doesn't fit into any of the 18 month shirts we bought last year so on to 24 months and it looks like she had yet another little growth spurt and 24 month pants are close on the horizon, so I better pick up a bunch of those too. Maybe a nice outfit for Mommy and Daddy too for the holidays. And hopefully a chunk off my Christmas list.

We have had birthday parties galore this month, and below is pic of Fiona and me at one. I'll leave you with that one...

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get on here before then!!