Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, its a little late with the pics, but better late than never!! Fiona was a pro this year, cracked us all up. She LOVED her Little Red Riding Hood costume. When I put the cape on her she just twirled around with the biggest smile on her face and then ran around as if the cape made her run faster. It was hilarious!! And I was so worried that she wouldn't want to wear the cape!!

So on Halloween night we went with our friends Wendy and Chris and their kiddos, Summer and Logan. Summer was Fancy Nancy - a girl after my own heart :) While we were waiting for them to arrive, I got Fiona dressed in her costume. Well, as soon as she was in it, she wanted to go cruise the neighboorhood - screamed and cried until we let her go outside. How in the world did she know that was what we were going to do??? So we walked the neighborhood and I took some pictures - the girl was a riot. Laughing and giggling and waving hi to all the neighbors.

When Summer got here we all went out trick or treating. It was great seeing the neighbors and all the little kids dressed up. Fiona was a pro though - she would run from house to house going straight up to the door and flashing that cute smile of hers. No words needed!! She really didn't even get scared at the scary houses and masks. She just amazes me!! Well here are the pics...Enjoy!!


Jennifer Priest said...

OMG I can't believe how cute she is in that costume!!!! LOVE it!! Congrats on Daddy coming home too :)

The Fry's said...

She is so cute!!!! She made the perfect little red riding hood! I tried to look at the pictures, but it wouldn't come up. I'll try again later!

Sorry I didn't realize I hadn't visited in a while!