Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fiona and Mommy day!!

Dad (Mike) is out of town, so Fiona and I had a whole fun day together. Playgroup this morning. Its is always such a gas to get all the kids together. There are usually 5-6 of us who get together and all the kids are within six months of each other age wise, but boy do they all have such different personalities. And thanks to Miss Elenie (sorry if I spelled it wrong!!) Fiona's new name is Onina (pronounced: O-nin-nah). She started it the other week and now Alex calls her Onina now too. I LOVE it!!

We came home and grabbed a nap (mommy did too) and just played and had a good time!!

So with the new camera, I tried out some of the self timer funtions - disasterous with a 20 month old who doesn't stay anywhere for 10seconds while the timer is going off. Then I tried some unique angles off the mirrors in her playroom - again disasaterous. So I just starting taking pics of her and me with the camera at arms length - much better result, but she didn't smile.

so back to the good ole taking pics of just Fiona. Well she did the funniest thing. She started playing with the tripod was pretending to take pictures - telling me to say "Cheese" and turning all the knobs, just like Mommy!! I just about died laughing!!

I did get one of me in the mirror - don't I look cool and pensive and artsy?? LOL!! And the one with the camera in my face - That is how Fiona thinks her mother looks all the time :)