Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uh-oh and your time is up

Fiona's new word that she started on Tuesday is "Uh-oh"! Not sure really where she got it, we don't say it that much but its hilarious. She just started while I was walking the aisles of Michaels and she would say "jibber jabba jib Uh-oh!" over and over again. Now when she wakes up its the first thing out of her mouth, Mike and I just crack up!!

So my attempt to try and keep the house under control is going well, we have our ups and downs, but overall I think I am hitting an 85% average here - thats pretty darn good. So one of the tricks I have been employing is an old trick Mom used to do with us as kids. She would set the timer and see how much we could get cleaned up in that time. So I do little tricks like that now with myself. A minute and a half to heat my tea every morning = top rack of dishwasher emptied. Half hour of Handy Manny = downstairs picked up and vacuumed and powder room cleaned. One DVRed show = laundry folded and put away or kitchen cleaned up and dishwasher loaded after dinner. I find that I often get a little overwhelmed by all the stuff, so when I break it down to little chunks of time, its much more manageable and it doesn't take me nearly as long as I think it would. I love it cuz when the time is up, my chores are done, too. Do you have any tricks like that? If so, please share!!!

Pictures to come. been a little busy reorganzing my scraproom to become a little more user friendly and to house all my crafts and such. That Organized and inspired scrapper book has got me inspired and motivated and I understand what works and doesn't work so much for me. I am loving it!! One thing I realized is that my storage containers must be able to withstand Fiona dumping - the cool ribbon storage idea I had no longer works so we spent all afternoon yesterday redoing my ribbon storage - you should have seen all the spools and ribbon everywhere - Fiona was in heaven running around with ribbons saying "oooooo!" I think I am creating a monster :) I should have taken pictures but I was a little tied up with the ribbon. LOL!! ok bad joke...