Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Busy, Busy, Bees

Hi everyone!!

Fiona and I are doing great, have a very busy week this week. Something to do everyday. We are waiting for Daddy to call today - very exciting for us :)

Fiona is so excited for Saturday, we are going to her BFF (Best Friend Forever, for those of you not in the know), Breanna's house so the mommies can scrapbook.

Another cool thing is that I am now on the board of our local Moms Club as an Asisstant VP. I am really excited to be part of this club and help other Moms in the area find us and join in.

Keeping busy really helps the time to fly by, and before we know it Mike will be home.

Well, I am off for another busy day - hopefully I will be back on later to post some more video clips :)


LuvJones said...

Hey YOU! Got your message kinda late today... =(
I may end up just seeing you Saturday! I can't wait to see my little friend and my scrap bud!

I am glad you have things all lined up! That is awesome cause it may help time fly!

Hope you were able to hear from Mike!
Ciao Baby!