Thursday, October 18, 2007

Riley Smiley

Riley seems a thousand time better than when we took her in yesterday and if she could smile I am sure she would be. Fiona and I stopped in to give her some love and to see how she was doing. All the nurses and techs there were tripping over themselves to tell us what a miracle Riley is. All of them said that it was amazing that she is doing so well, and that they have never seen a dog with that kind of damage make it through surgery let alone be up and about with no fever and seemingly healthy.

She is by no means out of the woods yet but she is one tough cookie, and I think she is going to do it. The doc was able to save some of her pancreas, but they are not sure how functional it will be or not. Again it is a wait and see type of thing. She is on IV fluids, and she really seems so much more like herself. And I could tell she just wanted to come home. Poor thing, she has been through a lot.

Please keep praying for her - what ever you all are doing is working.

As for our human baby, Fiona, she is just the sweetest thing. She is starting to laugh, just these little "Ha's" right now, but she is the smiliest thing you have ever seen. She makes friends where ever she goes. And while I was sobbing my eyes out yesterday, she was the cutest - smiling at me and rubbing my face all to make me feel better. What a good girl!!!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good news about Riley. I'm still keeping her in my prayers.Sounds like Fiona is just like you were.

LuvJones said...

How precious Nancy! I am SO glad Riley is recovering well!