Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Having a better day today

Hi all, things are sort of settling down here. Riley is home, but is very mopey and isn't eating or taking her meds, so I may have yet another trip to the vet in my future.

Talked to Mike yesterday. He is doing great and liking the job there. It sounds as if the time is passing fairly quickly for him. all he wanted was some music and his MP3 player - he is so easy to please!!

You may have noticed that I changed the background of our page here - I thought it was more Autumnal :)

Fiona and I are getting ready for the big Harvest Party this weekend here at the house. It is going to be a biggie - almost 50 people and kids so far. It is going to be a blast!!! Well, I better get back to the craft prep - lots of pumpkin and bat masks to cut :)


LuvJones said...

Nancy girl! That is a lot of people to entertain! Try not to overwork yourself and try and have a good time considering what you have been dealing with..
Luvs ya...