Sunday, October 21, 2007

R&R Day

Today was recovery day for Fiona and I. We needed it.

First things first though, we went to visit Riley this morning. She is doing ok - had a bit of a fever yesterday, but her fever was down as of this morning. But the biggest concern is that fact that she still hasn't eaten yet. The last time she ate was about a week ago, and that is not a good sign. Riley was pretty mopey and looked so sad. She has one of those crazy cone collars to keep her from chewing at her IV and drain. I was talking to one of the techs there and asked if they left the collar on when they fed her. They were, and I suggested they take it off when they fed her. The last time she had one on for her surgery she wouldn't eat, so maybe it is as simple as removing the collar to get her to eat. Lets pray for that.

We then went to church - we had lots of thankful prayers to say.

Came home after that and just chilled. The wind was crazy today - gusts over 50mph. So it was definitely an inside day. Not much else to report...

Tuesday, my friend Jana and her fiance, Tom, are coming to visit for the day. Can't wait to see them!!

But we'll be visiting Riley again tomorrow, and I try and post another update.

OH - the other big news - cousin Colleen had a baby girl, Mairin - love that name!!! and I got some pictures and she is just sooooo cute! Congrats to the O'Connor clan! So that is 4 girls in 5 months! Girls rule this year!!


lia said...

Wow, so much has happened but I'm glad things turned out well for Riley and that you are getting some rest. Belated happy anniversary!