Monday, October 8, 2007

Whew...glad that week is over

Hi everyone!! It was a crazy busy week, but we had a blast. We did hear from Mike on Tuesday and he is doing great. Getting all settled in at the new job there and so far so good. It is much lower key than the last few times that he went, but he is still pretty busy which helps the time to go by faster.

Fiona and I had a whirlwind of a week, but got to do a lot of fun stuff and see lots of friends. We had a Halloween themed Moms club meeting and Fiona dressed up as a lady bug. She was so adorable!! We have plenty of opportunities besides Halloween this year to wear it. We are going to have a Harvest Party for the Moms club next weekend and then we go to the senior center later that week and then Halloween.

This week is going to be a bunch of fun, too!! Today we are heading to a friend's to scrapbook again - and her little buddies, Matthew and Breanna, are going to be there. Then we are going to the pumpkin patch and a park day today and this weekend is the Palmdale Fall Festival, and we are going to go to that, too. I updated the slide show with some more recent pictures.

Below are two quick videos. One is of her in her little pumpkin hat and sleeper and the other is of Fiona talking away... Yesterday, she learned a new combo of sounds - it really sounds like she is talking, and sometimes "Mama" can sorta be heard - maybe its wishful hearing, but I am sticking to it :) Beware, she hits a shrill that scrambles the sound a few times...