Thursday, October 2, 2008

Facebook...time sucker!!

Ok, so I had so many plans for this evening of things I was going to accomplish - clean the kitchen, sweep and mop floors vacuum, fold that basket of laundry, maybe even scrapbook for a little while. What did I get done? Nothing!!

Last night, I came across Matt Danner's profile, a guy I went to high school with. Well, he had the "hook up" so to speak on a ton of people from Boyertown which then led me to search all their friends and so on and so on. So today I was becoming "friends" with them all again. Checking their profiles, photos, writing messages, and all that general stuff. Well, then I figured I should update my profile picture, and add a new album of recent photos of Fiona. And needless to say - 2 hours of my life have left and I will never get them back, LOL!!! I swear, I feel like I am 12 or something...Well in all fairness we never did have the internet and such a cool way to spend our time. But still I am 31, I am too old for this, but I am addicted!!! It is really kind of a neat way to just touch base and see what everyone is up to. Some people I have seriously not talked to in nearly 15 years!! I think its really neat that we still even know each other are. Who needs reunions these days - just check out Facebook or MySpace (I am so NOT going there, if I did Fiona may never see her Mommy!!). Technology is great, isn't it?? Well, mostly...

BTW, in updating my photos on Facebook I ran into this picture of Fiona...It is hilarious!!!