Sunday, October 5, 2008

My heart melted

Fiona finally said Moma and meant it!! Its more like "ahmma" but today she did it pointed at me and also did the sign language sign for it!!! My heart just melted on the spot!! She is learning sign language like crazy now too!! she knows the sign for milk which she pretty much uses anytime she wants a drink; she has been doing the sign for more and that pretty much covers anything food related - the confusing part is when she is all done eating she still does the sign for more, LOL!! she learned the sign for baby, too, today. My little one is just so smart!! Don't we all say that though, LOL!!!

Here is my favorite picture I took this weekend of Fiona!!


Jennifer Priest said...

She is sooooo stinking cute!! Isn't it awesome being a mommy? I am so glad that you are enjoying it so much. Love it!!