Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October...Days in the lives

Ok, so I am going to attempt to post and take pics everyday this month to document a month of the day in the life of the Hylands. If you don't already know, I am super addicted to scrapbooking and I got this idea from one of the magazines to document your everyday life. Granted this is not the best month to do it, because Mike is out of town for most of it, but I thought I had to start some time and the Holidays were coming up and that really isn't everyday life so here we are.

Today was a fun day - like every day is...Fiona and I got up had some milk (Fiona) and Chai Tea Latte (Mommy), then had breakfast and off to our MOMS Club Membership meeting. It was way cool lots of friends there, a new member and scenes from an upcoming play about Breast Cancer Awareness. Afterwards we napped - seriously Fiona didn't make it out of the parking lot before she fell asleep today!!!

Then we went to a friends house for a meeting of the NO HUSBANDS CLUB - this is a very unofficial club some of us have started to get together when our hubbies are out of town. We all bring a dish for dinenr, the kids play, and Mommies get a nice little break and some adult talking time. It was a blast and will be repeated frequently!!

And then home and bed - very busy day. Hopefully we will take it easy tomorrow. We only have storytime at the library for 45 minutes and I don't think there is any thing else going on or that needs to be done...

Here are some cute photos of Fiona eating her morning snack before our meeting today:


The Fry's said...

NANCY! She is so adorable and big girl in these pictures. I can't believe how big our girls are getting. I LOVE that top, where did you get it?

hiscrappergirl said...

The top is at target. yep I know people tell you they grow so fast, but you really just have no idea until you have one!!