Friday, October 3, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was one of those nice lazy days. We needed it. Fiona and I just hung out and played and thoroughly enjoyed having absolutely no plans for today. We even got to talk on the webcam with Daddy today. I think that being able to sit in my office and touch everything was more fun for her than actually talking to her Dad, but hey whatchya gonna do?? LOL!! We really miss having Daddy here. Not sure what to do now on the weekends when he isn't here with us.

Getting cooler here, finally felt like a Fall blustery day. Tomorrow will be freezing - well at least by our standards - highs in the upper 60s. I think we will take advantage of the nice sweater weather and take a little walk and go to the park or something. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow like they are predicting.

I did take a few pics of Fiona playing today, but I will post them probably tomorrow. Yes its either feast or famine with me and the posts and pictures!! Enjoy the feast while it lasts :)


Jennifer Priest said...

Sounds like a good day. Your hubby isn't here right now? How did I miss that?! Hope all is well and maybe we just need to do something fun on the weekend sometime with the kidlets. Me you and Trisha.