Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little behind

Ok, I know I am little behind on the postings but I have been snapping photos. Its been pretty busy here, but good. I am in the middle of a fall cleaning/reorganization of parts of the house and I am chipping away little by little.

But here are some pics from the last couple days:

This is Fiona playing dress up - her favorite thing right now is that shiny beaded necklace, she wears it everywhere. The headband and the tank top are mine cleverly styled over the pink striped jammies by the next Rachel Zoe!!

These are of Fiona "reading" her book:

And a little video as well...

She was talking up a storm before I took out the camera, of course...LOL!!

On Sunday, we went to the Palmdale Fall Festival. Now I like Festivals and all, but seriously this one is AWESOME. I always have a great time and they reall do a great job. They have a whole Fairy type theme with stilt walkers and a living garden where the vines and the statues all move. This year they added this Chalk area where local artists made chalk drawings on the park sidewalk - it was phenomenal the pictures seriously don't do them justice though...enjoy: