Monday, October 6, 2008

Then and Now

Ok, I didn't get out the camera today, shame on Mommy, but seriously you are probably getting Fiona picture overload anyway. But is that going to stop me from posting pics - NOPE!!

I thought that this was pretty interesting...Here is a pic of Fiona this time last year, and a pic of her this year:

She went from Brunette to blonde but that smile is just as cute!!

Nothing too exciting here today, Fiona and I just got some overdue chores done. We made some apple cake which totally rocked!! It's not Moms recipe, but it still was awesome. We made it with the apples we picked at the ranch the other day. I had to cut it into smaller pieces and freeze them so I wouldn't eat it all - seriously!! There is just something about apples and autumn. I love apple cider - and have already been stalking the Caramel Apple Spice at Starbucks - YUMMO!!! I have got to figure out away to make that at home... But the apple cake was just very autumny too. Honestly I think that Fall is my favorite season!! I just wish the fall weather would stick around a little more here. Still in the 80s during the day this week.

Fiona is still not feeling 100% so we are going to take it easy for at least one more day. Which means we will miss playgroup tomorrow, big bummer. We love getting together with all the guys - seriously Fiona is the only girl in her playgroup right now... we have a new member who has a little girl Fiona's age and she will probably be joining our group - finally a little more estrogen to the group, LOL!!!

Well, off to bed here very shortly. don't judge me for my early bedtime...Loves to everyone!!


Jennifer Priest said...

Hopefully Fiona feels better soon!! They grow up so fast. I forgot about the apple spice thing at Sbux...gonna get one tomorrow!!